A Paris Revelry: Culinary & Culture Tour
September 25 - October 1, 2017--SOLD OUT

Image: Olaiya Land

I’m excited to announce I’ve got an amazing Paris culinary experience planned for you! This fall, I’m bringing you 7 days of food, wine, beauty and history in the most gorgeous city on earth!

Image: Olaiya Land

Here’s a glimpse of the deliciousness I have in store for you:

  • You check into your room at a charming boutique hotel. After taking a little time to freshen up, you meet your fellow travelers and head off for a private tasting of locally-roasted coffees with a master barista. Once you’re feeling pleasantly caffeinated, you take a walking tour of one of the city’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods before sitting down to dinner at a bistro overlooking the Seine.
  • Over the next days, you visit open-air markets bursting with seasonal produce and cook alongside local chefs. You taste outstanding natural wines, creamy French cheeses and earthy charcuterie. You indulge in some of the best buttery pastries, subtly-flavored ice creams and bean-to-bar chocolates. You sip creative cocktails.
  • You learn about the city’s grand history as we stroll tree-lined boulevards, view centuries-old architecture and discover hidden squares and secret gardens. You climb to the top of one of Paris' tallest hills and are treated to a sublime view over its silver-grey rooftops.
  • You sample the most fragrant vanilla beans you’ve ever smelled at my favorite spice shop. You find perfect cake forms and gleaming copper pots at a 200-year-old kitchenwares shop. You eat honey-soaked Algerian crepes and sip mint tea in the back of an unassuming little neighborhood grocery. You wander the city's oldest flea market where you fill your tote with one-of-a-kind gifts and Paris souvenirs.

All you have to do is book your ticket, pack your bags and show up. I’ve got the rest covered--lodging, meals, navigating the city. So you can relax, restore and take in the city’s treasures stress-free.

Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land

Sure signs you’re in need of a Paris get-away:  

  • You’re feeling so burnt-out, uninspired and bored at work, you find yourself scrolling social media non-stop and/or sneaking off to the restroom to play Candy Crush.
  • After finishing that report for your boss, helping your kids with their homework, fixing a healthy dinner, doing the dishes, watering the garden and walking the dog, you somehow never quite find the time to do something special for yourself.
  • You navigate through your day on autopilot, taking the same routes, eating the same meals, ordering the same venti skim latte, unable to remember the last time you felt truly inspired. 
Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land

After a week in Paris with me, you’ll feel energized, inspired and ready to incorporate some of that seductive French revelry into your own life.

Travel can absolutely do that.
I’ve seen the people who travel with me leave dead-end relationships, cut back from 80-hour work weeks to spend more time with their families, score their perfect job and tackle creative projects they were too intimidated and stressed to take on before.

michaela_color copy.png
- My favorite part of the workshop was seeing Paris through Olaiya's eyes. Many of the places she took us I had not been to before or were not on my "to-do" list. By traveling with Olaiya I was able to feel like a Parisian instead of working my way around the city in my broken French.
Michaela Hundahl
Home Dwelling



- I adored Olaiya’s vision on Paris! She took us to so many extraordinary places. I would highly recommend her workshop! It's prepared like a pro but still has this easy going feeling.

Antwerp, Belgium

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There are only 8 spots for this tour
$3450 for double accommodation
$3950 for single accommodation
(Payable in 2 installments)

Image: Olaiya Land

Things like this start to happen when you get back home:

  • You wake up excited to head into your day. You discover that your morning coffee smells nutty and delicious (who knew?). You take the time to cook everyone in your house a stack of golden French crepes and instantly become the best parent/partner/roommate ever!  
  • When you sit down at your desk, you find you've got a laser-like ability to focus on the project at hand. You get shit done like the boss that you are. You come up with new, creative solutions that earn you the promotion or awesome new job you've been dreaming of. Better still, you find the courage to finally explore that idea for a small business you’ve had knocking around in your head for years.
  • Relaxed, radiant and having absorbed some of that world-famous French sexiness, you notice random strangers smiling at you.
  • You carve out the time to take that yoga class you've been interested in. You remember to schedule yourself a massage. That ever-present tightness in your shoulders melts away.
Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land
Paris Revelry 2017-5.jpg
Image: Olaiya Land

You've wanted to (re-)experience this mythic city for ages, but keep putting it off because you feel overwhelmed at the idea of planning your dream vacation. This trip is for you.

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan the perfect trip (especially when there's a foreign language involved). And it can feel like a gamble in terms of the actual experience lining up with your dreams.
Any travel tour or guide book can lead you to the typical tourist spots. But that's where everyone goes. And then you return home needing a vacation from your vacation since your nerves are fried from all the planning and the crazy crowds. 
When you join me in Paris, you get a taste of some of the most life-changing, awe-inspiring food, wine, art and architecture in the world. You meet local chefs, baristas, cheesemongers, bakers and wine experts. You navigate the city streets on foot, discovering Paris’ secret, locals-only spots. 
Best of all, you arrive home renewed, with the energy to be a better and more present parent, partner and friend. You feel inspired to be more creative and productive in your professional life. That, my friends, is priceless.

Image: Olaiya Land
Paris Revelry 2017-1-3.jpg
Image: Olaiya Land

Here’s the full list of the what I have in store for you:

  • Hands-on cooking classes with me and a local chef, both savory and sweet
  • Food tours featuring local artisans who are crafting products with love    
  • Guided visits to vibrant Paris markets where you'll discover how phenomenal French produce can be
  • Visits to local boulangeries, patisseries and chocolatiers with tastings
  • Tons of French cheese! A tasting with wine pairings at a fantastic little wine bar + visits to my favorite cheese shop in Paris and a picnic lunch to sample our treasures
  • Neighborhood walking tours highlighting the beautiful architecture and grand history of Paris
  • Delicious French breakfasts every morning. (Cafe! Croissants! Pains au chocolat!)
  • Lunches and dinners at local local spots, traditional and modern
  • Visits to some of Paris' most unique shops and markets
  • Six nights of accommodation at a boutique hotel. (One of my very favorites in Paris.)
  • A bedroom all to yourself if you want it. So you can chill out when you’re tired of being around other people and get a great night’s sleep
  • All ground transportation within Paris, plus a primer on using the Metro
  • Free time to make your own discoveries
  • Personalized recommendations for your free time--in case you need a little help figuring out what to do
  • The camaraderie of traveling with a small group of fellow lovers of food, beauty and travel
Image: Olaiya Land
Image: Olaiya Land

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- It was very relaxing for me to have everything planned and know that we were going to have a great time, guaranteed wonderful food and fun experiences without having to do any of the research myself!

Heidi Halleran
Seattle, WA


- The trip for me was so much more than good food, history lessons, and walking tours. It was a measure of time that feels like a really good dream that I keep going back to in the midst of to do lists and carpools.

Denice Gardner
Burlington, WA


What happens next?

Click the button above and pay with credit card or PayPal. Once I receive your deposit, you receive a welcome email with details within 24 hours. As we get closer to the trip, you’ll also get:

  • A Paris-inspired reading and movie list (in case you want to immerse yourself in the spirit of this beautiful city before you arrive)
  • A detailed packing list to take the stress out of deciding what to bring
  • The full itinerary of our time together so you can plan any extra activities you’d like to fit in


Image: Olaiya Land

The Details...

September 25-October 1, 2017

7 days of cooking, eating, drinking and exploring your way through Paris!

Number of participants:

$3450 for double accommodation
$3950 for single accommodation
*Payable in two installments: A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. The balance is due by August 25, 2017

Cancellation policy:
Please be sure you can attend before booking. All payments are non-refundable.

What's included:

• Group meals during the workshop
• Six nights of single accommodation at a boutique hotel
• Two cooking classes
• Multiple wine, cheese and pastry tastings
• Several market visits
• Guided walking tours through the city
• All transportation during the tour

What's not included:

• Your airline tickets, taxes & baggage fees
• Travel insurance (which I highly advise)

Image: Olaiya Land

"Paris exists to remind you that your dreams are real."
~ Anonymous


Image: Olaiya Land