Is your work not filling your creative cup?

  • Do you spend your days feeling uninspired or bored?
  • Do you have a little voice inside you telling you it's time for a change?
  • Are you feeling lost when it comes to taking photographs you love, starting a blog or just connecting with your creativity?

We help people like you connect with their creative vision.

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If you have a secret (or not-so-secret) passion project inside you waiting to come to life, this workshop is for you. If you feel the creative pull but don’t have a clear vision of what that looks, this workshop is for you too!

This workshop will help you find your path and hone your ideas. All you need is a camera or smart phone and a desire to explore what brings you joy.

If you want to start:

  • A modernist cake decorating blog

  • A mobile flower cart

  • A cookbook on traditional Portuguese pastries

  • An Instagram account devoted to your obsession with historic hotels

Whether it's a personal project or a business idea--if you aren't pursuing it in a way that fills you up (or worse--aren't pursuing it at all), this workshop will help your get your idea off the ground. Even if you aren’t quite sure what it is yet.

And it’s in Paris. Because—let’s be real—what better place is there to dig into your dreams and get inspired?

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This is exactly the sort of workshop I wish I'd had when I started my business.

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re not making any progress towards your dreams while the days are ticking past.

I let my camera sit in its box unopened for 6 (!!!) months because I felt too intimidated to use it. When I peeked at the manual, it might as well have been written in hieroglyphics. I knew I wanted to launch a food and travel blog, but had no idea where to start.

I know what it’s like to sit paralyzed in front of your computer trying to find your voice. To feel like you’re stupid because you don’t know what code injection is. To feel like you’ll never be able to get where you want to go.

I have been there, my friend.

But to all of that, I say fuck that noise. You deserve to live a creative, fulfilling life.

So if you’re feeling lost, stuck or directionless—I want to share everything I’ve learned and get you unstuck.

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This isn't your average workshop.

  • This is more centered on you and the growth of your individual vision than anything I've seen offered

  • You’ll have lots of one-one-one time during the workshop to work through your personal goals and challenges

  • And we'll have a series of group calls after the workshop to make sure you keep moving forward once you're back home

You will grow your skills and leave with a concrete foundation in place to keep moving forward and make your dreams reality. We’re talking: Creative project outlined. Photos taken and edited. Content written. Social media posts planned. The works.

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You’re going to leave Paris feeling energized and inspired. Here’s what you’ll be doing during our time together:

  • Taking Beautiful pictures you’re going to want to share not only with your friends and fam, but with the world

  • Learning to style your own images and compose your shots

  • Practicing shaping natural light so you can keep taking great photos at home with minimal equipment

  • Developing an easy photo editing flow that will take your images to the next level

  • Building a professional looking first page for your SquareSpace blog or website if you want one. (And you won’t even want to throw your computer out the window)

  • Discussing how to grow your audience on social media through authentic content (no diet teas or bikinis involved)

  • Writing copy that will keep your readers engaged, even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer

  • Implementing a simple back-up strategy that will make sure all your hard work won’t be lost if your computer dies, is lost or gets stolen

  • Getting a ton of inspiration (and compelling content) from our time together in one of the most beautiful cities on earth

Not to mention all the life-changing pastries, chocolate, wine and cheese we'll be sampling. Or my favorite locals-only spots I'll be sharing with you.

Most importantly, you will have started making your creative vision a reality. You’ll no longer feel hopeless or stuck or uninspired. Because you’ll be bringing fresh creative energy into your life.

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The sad truth is most dreams are never realized.

Most people are too afraid to start. They don’t know how. Or they feel like they don’t deserve to have the thing they’re dreaming of. The thing that would bring them real joy and a sense of accomplishment. They endlessly put off writing the cookbook. Or starting the blog. Or leaving the secure but soulless job.

It takes courage to put yourself out there. To hone your vision, make a plan and see it through. To proclaim to the world that you want something and that you deserve it, too.

I guarantee that when you join me in Paris, you'll leave with the the skills to take beautiful photos and a solid idea of how to go forward with a creative project.

In addition to our lessons and group outings, I'll be available to help you hone your vision and work through your current challenges. Each guest will get dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with me.

You'll go from someone who feels like they don't know how to find their way forward with their dream to someone who's kicking ass and making it happen.

Have a question? Check out the FAQ

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If part of you is thinking you’re not ready to take the next step, I’ve got one question for you: If not now, when?

There’s no better time than now to start investing in yourself and your dreams. So many people never reach their goals because they put off taking action until they have “more time” or “more money” or “a better plan”. But guess what? That day never comes.

When you make the leap and invest in yourself, big things happen. If you hear that little voice inside you telling you you need a change, it’s time to start listening.

All you need to do is book your ticket, pack your bags and show up! We’ll take care of the rest.

Meals, your hotel, navigating around the city--we’ve got it covered. So you can focus on growing your skills and absorbing the beauty of Paris. You’ll leave feeling more confident in your photography skills and full of creative inspiration!

Have a question? Check out the FAQ


It was wonderful to learn “on the go” - to ask questions and get tips, feedback, and 1:1 assistance as we went. It felt so much more unique and exciting than attending a class. Since taking the workshop, I am now shooting in manual mode only and have gained more knowledge and confidence.

Carrie Huseman
The Cook’s Palette


My favorite part of the workshop was seeing Paris through Olaiya's eyes. She easily navigates through the city sharing all of her favorite places whether they be patisseries, chocolatiers, restaurants, markets or shops. Many of the places she took us I had not been to before or were not on my "to-do" list. By traveling with Olaiya I was able to feel like a Parisian instead of working my way around the city in my broken French.

Michaela Hundahl
Home Dwelling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't have a business/blog/project idea in mind. Will this workshop help me?

A: Absolutely. The idea behind this workshop is to help people connect with their creative vision and find a way to engage with it more fully. If you have something concrete in mind, that's great. If you just have a feeling you need more creative energy in your life and need help figuring out how to get there, this workshop is for you, too.

Q: What if I don't have a camera?

A: Totally fine! We'll cover camera basics for those who bring cameras. And we'll discuss mobile shooting and editing for those who don't want to use a camera or need to take pictures and edit them on the fly. The sessions on styling, composition and shaping light will help you take better photos no matter what you're shooting with. The best camera is the one you have with you, so there's absolutely no shame in your game if you shoot mostly with your phone. 

Q: I'm a beginner photographer/writer/blogger. Can I benefit from this workshop?

A. Yup. We've designed this workshop for anyone from true beginners to intermediate level photographers, writers and bloggers. The beauty of this experience is that you will leave Paris with better looking photos, the first page of a blog or website (if you need one), a solid footing on social media and a vision for the future you'll be able to grow into your dream project. You'll have 1-on-1 sessions where we can address your specific challenges and goals. And we'll have a series of group calls afterwards to help you keep your creative spark bright.

Q: I don't eat pork or drink alcohol. Is that a problem?

A: Nope. We've had several guest who don't drink alcohol or eat pork and we can make sure there will always be options for you to choose from at our group meals.

Q: I have other dietary restrictions. Will that be a problem?

A: Probably not. I want to make sure you have an amazing time in Paris and some dietary restrictions (like a vegan diet) are pretty hard to accommodate in Paris. Shoot me an email before booking.

Q: I'm most interested in just creating beautiful images. Is this a good fit for me?

A: Yes! The main focus of the workshop will be photography. But we want people who want to do more with their images to have the opportunity to do so. There will be sessions devoted to: camera basics (shooting on manual if you aren't already + the exposure triangle), shaping natural light, sourcing props + styling, composition, editing and having a solid back-up strategy.

The camera basics part will still be useful if you're a mobile shooter. And the styling, shaping light, composition, etc. apply no matter what you're shooting with. If you don't want to do the content creation, social media, or other sections, you can work more on styling, shooting and editing instead.

Q: When should I arrive and leave?

A: The workshop will start on the afternoon of the 1st at 2.30. So you can definitely fly in that morning. If there's any way you can swing it, I recommend flying in a day or two before the workshop starts so you won't be quite as jet lagged and can get more out of the first days. On the 6th, we end with a group breakfast. A lot of people like to take the day to enjoy Paris on their own, but if you need to get back then this is a good day to fly out early.

Q: I'm arriving early/staying after the workshop. Can you recommend where to stay and/or things to do.

A. Absolutely! Just shoot me an email.

Q: I'm not really interested in photography or starting a creative project. I just want to come to Paris to eat delicious pastries and drink amazing wines.

A: This isn't really the experience for you. We're going to be eating tons of delicious pastries, chocolate and cheese and tasting some amazing natural wines. But you'll also be spending an average of 1/2 of each day learning and developing your ideas and skills. If you're more interested in a Paris culinary trip, shoot me an email and I can design a custom experience for you. :)

Still on the fence? Send me a note here

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It was a very special and memorable experience. I've been dreaming about the next time I can go back to all of the wonderful restaurants Olaiya took us to. Thank you so much for all the thought and care that went into planning such a lovely time!

Katie Rogers
Food + Table


What I liked best was the feeling of joy we all had in learning to use our camera. I also adored Olaiya’s vision on Paris! This city that I love so much has so many beautiful corners and I feel privileged she took us to so many extraordinary places. I would highly recommend her workshop! It's prepared like a pro but still has this easy going feeling.

Antwerp, Belgium

Still not sure this is right for you? Get in touch here

Here’s the full list of what we have in store for you:

  • A camera basics lesson to make sure you’re comfortable with your camera

  • Three days of styling, shooting and learning in a professional photography studio

  • Time to practice styling and shooting on your own + personalized feedback on your work

  • An Adobe Lightroom session with suggestions for editing your images and improving your workflow

  • A lesson on mobile editing so you can edit on the fly and keep your social media on point

  • Visits to local boulangeries, patisseries and chocolatiers with tastings

  • A tasting of French wines and cheeses

  • Neighborhood walking tours highlighting the beautiful architecture and grand history of Paris

  • Delicious French breakfasts every morning

  • All lunches + all dinners except for one cooked by yours truly or out at my favorite local spots

  • One evening free to relax, recuperate or explore on your own (don’t worry, we’ll provide recommendations for restaurants and things to do if you need them)

  • Visits to some of Paris' most unique shops and markets

  • 5 nights of accommodation at a boutique hotel

  • A bedroom all to yourself if you want it. So you can chill out when you’re tired of being around other people and get a great night’s sleep

  • Or a shared room if you want to add some bonding time with your mom, your daughter or your bestie

  • All ground transportation within Paris when you’re with the group, plus a primer on using the Metro

  • Down time every day to make sure your brain doesn’t get fried

  • A list of my favorite Paris spots--in case you arrive early or stay on afterwards and need a little help figuring out what to do

  • The fun of learning with a small group of food, photography and travel lovers!

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It’s time to stop pushing your creative spirit down. Telling yourself you have too much work, too little time, too many obligations you have to fulfill. It’s time to get back in touch with what sparks joy for you. 

You deserve to live a more creative, fulfilling life. And I want to help you get there.

I want to see you living big. Getting that book published. Sharing your own unique voice through a blog or podcast. Leaving an unsatisfying job to be your own boss or travel the world if that's what lights you up.

I want to see you setting aside time to hone your vision, fill your creative cup and delve deeper into the magical person that you are.

Don’t let your creative vision pass you by
Sign up now and start making that dream real

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The trip for me was a measure of time that feels like a really good dream I keep going back to in the midst of to do lists and carpools.

Denice Gardner
Burlington, WA

"Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?"

- Mary Oliver

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