A Sweet Feast: Food & Photography Workshop
September 20-24, 2018

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

You asked for another Paris workshop so we're bringing it to you!
Since the waitlist for our May workshop was so long, this September Yossy Arefi and I are offering another food photography + styling workshop in the city of light

For those of you who don’t know her, Yossy is the author of Sweeter off the Vine: Fruit Desserts for Every Season. She is also a food photographer, stylist and the creator of the award-winning blog Apt. 2B Baking Co. Her work has been featured in Bon Appétit, Saveur, The New York Times, Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping and T Magazine.

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This September, we invite you to join us for 4 days of savoring the sweet life in Paris! Here's a taste of what we have in store for you:

Welcome + Camera Basics 
- After checking into your room at a lovely boutique hotel, you’ll meet the group and head off for a tasting of pastries and locally-roasted coffees at one of the city's best coffee shops. When we’re all pleasantly caffeinated, Yossy and I will take you through the ins and outs of using your camera: aperture, shutter speed, ISO—all the good stuff.

- Once you feel confident in manual mode, we will walk one of the city’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods to practice our shooting skills, before sitting down to dinner at a bistro overlooking the Seine.


Shooting and Styling
- Over the next days, we will gather in a light-filled Paris apartment to cook, style, shoot and share meals around the table. 

- Yossy and I will share our philosophies on everything from choosing ingredients and props to plating and composing the perfect shot. We'll discuss how to utilize and shape natural light to create the perfect mood for any dish. 

- You will have the opportunity to create your own unique vignettes and receive one-on-one feedback on your work.

Image: Olaiya Land

Image: Olaiya Land

Editing Your Images
- To ensure you leave Paris with gorgeous images of your trip, Yossy and I will take you through our post-processing flow and share our favorite tips, tricks, and shortcuts. 

- If you’re a beginner, we will get you up and running in Lightroom before the week is over. If you’re a more advanced student, we will help you improve your editing skills and hone your creative vision. 


Discovering Paris
- You will learn about the city’s grand history and get beautiful shots as we stroll tree-lined boulevards, view centuries-old architecture and discover hidden squares and secret gardens. 

- You will wander through one of Paris most vibrant markets to gather ingredients for our shooting and styling lessons. We'll search out perfectly ripe figs, sweet mirabelle plums, freshly foraged wild mushrooms and more. And we talk tips for photographing all the gorgeous market produce.

- You will taste outstanding natural wines, creamy French cheeses and earthy charcuterie. You'll indulge in some of the best buttery pastries, ice creams, macarons and chocolates. You'll discover perfect cake forms and gleaming copper pots at a 200-year-old kitchenwares shop. You'll sample the most fragrant vanilla beans you’ve ever smelled at our favorite spice shop. 

- At the end of each day, you’ll experience a delicious meal cooked by Yossy and I or at one of our favorite locals-only restaurants.

All skill levels are welcome. This will be the perfect opportunity to learn to shoot manually and master the settings on your camera if you’re new to that. More experienced photographers will love our hands-on styling and editing sessions as well as our guided tours through the city.

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Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

If you couldn't join us this May, now's your chance. All you need to do is book your ticket, pack your bags and show up! We’ll take care of the rest. Meals, your hotel, navigating around the city--we’ve got it all covered so you can focus on taking in the incredible beauty of Paris. You’ll leave feeling more confident in your photography skills and full of creative inspiration!


It was wonderful to learn “on the go” - to ask questions and get tips, feedback, and 1:1 assistance as we went. It felt so much more unique and exciting than attending a class. Since taking the workshop, I am now shooting in manual mode only and have gained more knowledge and confidence.

Carrie Huseman
The Cook’s Palette


My favorite part of the workshop was seeing Paris through Olaiya's eyes. She easily navigates through the city sharing all of her favorite places whether they be patisseries, chocolatiers, restaurants, markets or shops. Many of the places she took us I had not been to before or were not on my "to-do" list. By traveling with Olaiya I was able to feel like a Parisian instead of working my way around the city in my broken French.

Michaela Hundahl
Home Dwelling

Katie Rogers_round.png

It was a very special and memorable experience. I've been dreaming about the next time I can go back to all of the wonderful restaurants [Olaiya & Yossy] took us to. Thank you so much for all the thought and care that went into planning such a lovely time!

Katie Rogers
Food + Table


What I liked best was the feeling of joy we all had in learning to use our camera. I also adored Olaiya’s vision on Paris! This city that I love so much has so many beautiful corners and I feel privileged she took us to so many extraordinary places. I would highly recommend her workshop! It's prepared like a pro but still has this easy going feeling.

Antwerp, Belgium

$3195 for double accommodation
$3495 for single accommodation
(Payable in 2 installments)

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Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

A Sweet Feast 2018-1-10.jpg
A Sweet Feast 2018-1-5.jpg

Here’s the full list of the what we have in store for you:

  • A camera basics lesson to make sure you’re comfortable shooting in manual mode

  • Two days of styling and shooting in a beautiful Paris apartment with demonstrations by both Yossy and me

  • Time to practice styling and shooting on your own + personalized feedback on your work

  • An Adobe Lightroom session with suggestions for editing your images and improving your workflow

  • A visit to a vibrant Paris market where you'll discover how phenomenal French produce can be

  • Visits to local boulangeries, patisseries and chocolatiers with tastings

  • A tasting of French cheeses with a local cheese expert

  • Neighborhood walking tours highlighting the beautiful architecture and grand history of Paris

  • Delicious French breakfasts every morning

  • Lunches cooked by Yossy and I and dinners out at our favorite local spots

  • Visits to some of Paris' most unique shops and markets

  • 4 nights of accommodation at a boutique hotel

  • A bedroom all to yourself if you want it. So you can chill out when you’re tired of being around other people and get a great night’s sleep

  • All ground transportation within Paris, plus a primer on using the Metro

  • Down time every day to rest or explore Paris on your own

  • Personalized recommendations for your free time--in case you need a little help figuring out what to do

  • The fun of learning with a small group of food, photography and travel lovers!

A Sweet Feast 2018-1-7.jpg
Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

What happens next?

Click the button above and pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal. Once we receive your deposit, you'll get a welcome email with details within 24 hours. As we get closer to the workshop, you’ll also get:

  • A Paris-inspired reading and movie list (in case you want to get into the spirit of this beautiful city before you arrive)

  • A detailed packing list to take the stress out of deciding what to bring

  • The full itinerary of our time together so you can plan any extra activities you’d like to fit in

Paris Revelry 2017-12.jpg
Image: Yossy Arefi

Image: Yossy Arefi

Paris Revelry 2017-13.jpg


The trip for me was so much more than good food, history lessons, and walking tours. It was a measure of time that feels like a really good dream that I keep going back to in the midst of to do lists and carpools.

Denice Gardner
Burlington, WA

The Details...


September 20-24, 2018

4 days of cooking, shooting, styling, eating and drinking our way through Paris!

$3195 for double accommodation
$3495 for single accommodation
*Payable in two installments*

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. The balance is due by August 20, 2018

Cancellation policy:
Please be sure you can attend before booking. All payments are non-refundable.



What's included:

• All meals during the workshop
• Four nights of single accommodation at a boutique hotel
• Styling, shooting and post-processing lessons
• Multiple wine, cheese and pastry tastings
• Guided walking tours through the city
• Transportation within Paris for all group excursions

What's not included:

• Your airline tickets, taxes & baggage fees
• Travel insurance (which we highly advise)
• Room service
• Gratuities for restaurant wait staff when you’re not with the group
• Meals when you’re not with the group
• Any activities or items not listed above

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A Sweet Feast 2018-1-19.jpg

We can't wait to see you in Paris this September!
Olaiya & Yossy

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