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the love list //


I'm back with my second Love List, a collection of things from around the internet I find interesting and inspiring:

- I was feeling crafty last week, so I sewed these zippered throw pillows from fabric I had around the house. The two on the right are handwoven fabric from Burkina Faso that I found in a tiny tailor shop in Montmarte. I love that they're now a souvenir of that trip to Paris. The blue fabric on the left was a set of curtains in a former life. I found them at a flea market in Brussels for 4€. (Score!) Anyhoo...I used this tutorial to make the cushion covers and I'm rather proud of them. I am totally a fair-weather seamstress, as in, I can sew a straight line, sort of. So if I can make these, a monkey could (no offense to monkeys). You should give it a go if you're in the mood for a weekend project.

the love list //

- If you are in the mood to fall down one of the internet's many rabbit holes, check out this mesmerizing series of videos called 100 Years of Beauty, depicting changing ideals of feminine beauty from around the globe.

- My friend Sanda is in town for a workshop with the incredibly talented photography duo, Gentl & Hyers. I have kicked myself many times over for not signing up for this workshop. My solace is that whenever my week is feeling a bit dreary, I can head over to their website or instagram feed for a jolt of inspiration. 

- My mom sent me this one day when I needed a laugh. She's a good momma.

the love list //

- While working on a little Seattle city guide for you (coming soon!), I stopped by the Volunteer Park Conservatory to take some pictures last week. This is one of my favorite spots in all of Seattle and I don't know why I don't go there more often. It is supremely relaxing, especially on a rainy day, and I never tire of looking at all the wonderful plants they have, both familiar and exotic. If you are visiting Seattle (or live here), you should absolutely make some time to stop by. 

- And because it wouldn't be the weekend without cocktails, here's a recipe for Heirloom Tomato Bloody Marys with Old Bay and Spicy Pickles from With Food + Love. Sunday brunch just got a whole lot more exciting!

XO and Happy Friday!


P.S. Let me know in the comments if you like the Love List or if you have any suggestions for future lists!