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the love list //


I’m writing you this from the comfort of my couch, where I intend to spend the majority of the next 48 hours. 

A nasty spring flu has been making the rounds here in Seattle. It knocked Beau out for most of last week, before moving on to our friends and neighbors. I escaped the worst of it somehow. Which seemed like a pretty big win until I realized that lethargically dragging my tired ass through the week while refusing to believe I was sick was not as huge a “win” as one might think.

So, in an effort to prioritize taking care of myself over conquering the week’s to-do list, I’ve decided to take the weekend off. Not the usual "off" where I may not be “working” but I’m certainly getting shit done. Nope. I mean truly and fully off. I’m going to lie on the couch with my cat and binge watch period films on Netflix (See you soon, Kiera Knightley!) until I feel better. I’m going to read and sleep and maybe--maybe--bake myself the almond cake I’ve been jonesing for all week. The end. 

But before I sign off and enter the blissed-out realm of couch-bound convalescence, I wanted to leave you with a Love List for the weekend. I couldn’t help myself. Plus, the list of things I wanted to share with you was starting to get a little unruly! So here you go:


- First up, Rhubarb! I'm working on a new recipe for a flourless rhubarb-almond cake, which means I've been all over the internet looking for inspiration. I've come across so many gorgeous desserts featuring my favorite spring flavor, I hardly know which one to try first. But my love of dense, unfussy tea cakes would put this beauty near the top of the list.

   Photo:  Thea Tillberg


Photo: Thea Tillberg


- If you've been following along on the blog for a while, you know Beau and I moved into our new house! You may also have noted that I spent a ridiculous amount of time obsessing about how to decorate the house (as a means of coping with home-buying stress, I think). I'm happy to report, I've managed to back away from round-the-clock interior design related pinning. (High five!) Aaaaand, I've also implemented a few Pinterest-inspired design ideas. Starting with these floating cabinets.

the love list //

These, my friends, are Ikea Besta cabinets, mounted to float about 6 inches off the floor. Our 1948 bungalow is diminutive with fairly low ceilings, so I was looking for a storage solution that would keep things neat without taking up too much space. I had originally intended to top these with a salvaged wood top. But I was so happy with the clean lines of the white cabinets against the white wall, I’ve decided to leave them as-is for now. What do you think?


- I loved this essay by David Brooks on how the appreciation of beauty is the path to a rich inner life as well as nobility of spirit and is more crucial now than ever. 


- As long as we're talking about beauty, I have some homework for you this week: I want you to buy or pick yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's one of the best mood lifters around. A few days ago I discovered that the unremarkable bush lurking in the corner of our front yard is actually a mature lilac, which has now burst into bloom. Today, I picked an armload of fragrant purple flowers for the house. I often forget what a difference such a simple gesture can make. How taking a few minutes to slow down and contemplate natural beauty puts you fully in touch with your senses. And I had certainly forgotten how a bouquet of lilacs can transform your entire house with its delicate, old-fashioned scent. So, you've got your assignment. I want to see flowers in your house by Monday!

the love list //


- For those of you looking for some weekend cookbook inspiration, I highly recommend Tara O'Brady's gorgeous Seven Spoons. As usual, I'm late to the party. The food cognoscenti have been swooning over this book since it came out last year. My self-imposed cookbook moratorium meant that I couldn't join in on the swooning. But having fallen in love with Tara's blog, I broke down and got it last week. I don't know how I'm going to shove it onto the shelf with the other cookbooks, but I do know I can't wait to make everything in here! Starting with this beautiful Fattoush with Fava Beans and Labneh. I'll be reporting in on this one soon!


- Because it wouldn't be the weekend (or a Love List) without a cocktail, here's a recipe for Orange Spiced Iced Coffee, which I intend to spike with a little rum and drink all summer long.


Wishing you a Happy Weekend--whether on or off the couch!