introducing: the love list

the love list //

Hey y’all!

I thought I’d try a little something new here at Milly’s Kitchen and share some of my favorite happenings from around the internet with you. So here is my inaugural Love List, chock full of things that I think are swell:

- It’s Friday, so obviously we’re going to start with a cocktail recipe. I recently discovered O&O Eats (which is a gorgeous food blog and which you should absolutely check out). If you’re in the mood for some spirit-lifting libations this weekend, shake up a Long Hope and get the party started. I’m already a sucker for drinks with cucumber and gin, but throw honeydew and mint in the mix and I’m smitten.


- Big news for my fellow food-science nerds: Kenji López-Alt (a culinary god and founder of the Serious Eats Food Lab), is publishing a book! Kenji is an indispensable resource on all things food-science and a slayer of revered kitchen myths. I mean, this guy will bake 50 gazillion chocolate chip cookies to test the effects of each and every ingredient. He’s my hero. You should get to know him if you don’t already.


- I highly recommend checking out this dreamy Instagram feed from visual-storyteller, Sejkko. It’s filled with stunning images that recall fairytales, daydreams and nomadic wanderings. One of the most inspiring feeds I’ve seen and part of what makes Instagram wonderful.


- If you’re heading to Paris (or dreaming of heading to Paris), add this NYT article on the rue des Martyrs to your reading list. This street has it all: chocolate, jam, pastries, charcuterie, ice cream, wine. And if you do make it to this Montmartre culinary paradise, reserve a table at Le Pantruche, one of my favorite bistros, and order the Grand Marnier soufflé with salted caramel for dessert.


- If you’re following me on Pinterest, you know I’m obsessed with tiny houses. (Beau and I are currently hatching plans to build a little house of our own.) This one takes the cake. I love, love, love everything about it. It's even super eco-friendly. Sigh.


- And to get your weekend started on the right note, here’s the new Downtown video from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I know this is going to be all over the internets in about two seconds, but it’s too fly not to share with you here. (Seattle represent!)


XO and Happy Friday!


P.S. If you’re feeling the love (or not), please head on down to the comments and let me know what you think of Love List Fridays. :)